Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Healthy chicken combo

Well this is something I tried once and it turned out real good, so here is the recipe. It serves 2.
Courgette: 1medium
Tomato:1 medium
Chicken:4 small pieces
Vegetable oil: 1tsp
Bulgur wheat:2/3 cup
Water: 1cup
salt , pepper and turmeric
Fry the courgette until it is slightly changed colour, while it is frying add a pinch of salt to it. When it seems ready put it aside. In the same frying pan without adding any oil add the chickens, add salt, pepper and turmeric and leave it for 10 minute on medium heat so that it start changing colour and becomes golden all over. Cover the wheat with boiled water for 3-4 minutes. When chicken is nearly done (in about 10-15 mins) add the wheat with the remaining water in the frying pan and let the water evaporate. Chop tomato in small pieces, when the chicken is ready, and the wheat has become al dente then take it off the heat.
In an oven friendly dish put layers of the mixture, first put a thin layer of wheat, then put some of the courgette on top of it, then put half of the chicken and repeat all the stuff is in the dish. add a bit of salt and pepper. preheat the oven for 5-10 min, cover the dish loosely with a foil and put the dish in the oven (150 degrees) after about 30 mins take the foil off and allow the top to become a bit crusty, enjoy with an ice cold cup of  green tea.

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