Monday, 12 March 2012

Mirza Ghasmei- Aubergine , tomato and egg

I have been really busy lately with my PhD work and spending most of the time eating soup, to make things nice and happy again my mom made this Iranian dish which is my all time favourite and mom make it really well. It is called Mirza Ghasemi and here is the recipe. It serves 3-4.

Garlic: 5 cloves- crushed
Aubergine: 2 Medium
Egg: 2 Medium
Chopped tomato: 1 tin
Tomato pure: 1Table spoon
Veg oil: 2 Table spoon
Salt, pepper and turmeric : to taste

Grill the Aubergines in the oven until it is all smoky and burnt on the edges, it would be even best if you can grill them on the BBQ, the smoky taste is priceless :-), peel their skins and chop them and put them aside.
Fry the chopped tomato with oil, garlic , pepper, turmeric and tomato pure in a frying pan until it is all golden , add two eggs , do not scramble the eggs, let them get some sort of shape.Add the aubergines to the combination and let them all sweat for 5-10 minutes in the frying pan, serve it with rice or pitta bread. Bon appetit!